Dinghy Derby


It goes like this: a group of crazy Aussies from the sleepy town of Renmark strap supercharged motors to heavily modified fishing boats capable of hitting 90km/h on the mighty Murray River. During the race they rip through skinny creeks and down river runs barely wide enough for the boat itself. It’s enough to leave you scratching your head. But wonder no more, hit play, sit back and learn.

Release Notes

Release 0.2
  • Carrer Level Update
  • New start for Dash4Cash
  • Added quality settings +/-
Release 0.14
  • Added Finish Level 1 Screen
  • More Level-Design
  • Start screen for Dash4Cash
  • Added lap times and best time
  • Added lap counter
Release 0.13
  • Added Career Start Menu
Release 0.12
  • Added Profile Menu
Release 0.11
  • Bug Fix for restarting race at Dash4Cash
  • Updated course settings for D4C
  • Resetting Lap Time in your Hood course
Release 0.1
  • Two Race Modes (Dash for cash & Career)
  • Two Tracks (Hood River & Dash Course 1)